Humans live on this Planet since 200.000 years, or wait: scientists just found out that the Homo sapiens sapiens is more than 300.000 years old. That’s a wrong estimation of 100.000 years, pretty amazing regarding what the human race already achieved. Anyways our planet earth, the “Pachamama” is way older and humanity is only a glimpse in the whole earth history. Our planet has seen a lot during his existence. Different living beings evolved and got extinct.

In reference to that, the human race isn’t really taking care about us not going extinct. Actually we exploit our mother earth: wars, weapons, unregulated resource extraction, the loss of our forests, GMOs in agronomy, mass production of animals and meat, inequality between the Rich North and the New South based on old colonial structures, new manmade sicknesses, governments that sell land to the worldowning concerns like Nestle, CocaCola or Unilever and more and more.

The problems are complex but at the same time solutions seem so easy. It’s not about radical political ideologies like Nationalism, Communism or Kapitalism. Its always a mix in between those schools of thought. A golden middle. Anyways, the easy solutions are quite obvious! For example: why should the few rich percent of the world should eat meat everyday while the most of the world starve to death!? The solution isn’t creating genetically designed bastard pigs and monsanto soy beans as food in the mass production of animals. Its easy: stop eating and producing that insane amount of meat! Start eat more primary foodsources like ecological beans, lentils etc.! The amount of soy beans as primary food that is needed to produce a steak, that can feed one human can feed several people. Not too hard thought, isnt it?

The economical structures and the lobbyists stand in the way of those changes because the managers are afraid to loose their living standards wich are practically insane. But not the worldowning people are in charge to make a change, they wouldnt do it anyways. Its the 99% of the word, the middleclass and the social weak class that can make the difference. We should be aware of our acctions and what they produce in the world. We are the majority that can make the change and can decide if we eat what the managers and the comercial companies give us or not!

This blog tries to unveil these structures and tries to give solutions for the inequalities in our world. Offering sustainable concepts and answers to create a Anthropocene where all humans can live in dignity with less material stuff and more relations and experiences with the people we love. And especially without the abusively exploitation of the planet that feeds us all!